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The Artcar: 2002/05/04
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This weekend was mostly about seats and not having the right part handy. I'm suffering from both "I know I had one of those, where did it go?" and "Wait, I already had one of these, why did I go and buy a second one?"

On to the seats.

I don't want to mount the seats directly to the floor pan and I also want to have some limited ability to adjust their position. It should looks something like this:

seats from the top front
So here's what I came up with. It gives me sliding rails (sort of) that I can bolt the seats to. Moving the seat will require removing four nuts, lifting the seat, then bolting it back down, but I don't plan on moving the seats more than once or twice. It also lifts the seats off the floorpan, giving me a safe place to run fuel/brake/power lines.
seat frame

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