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The Artcar: 2002/05/02
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The past few weeks have been a series of simple mistakes that have wasted large amounts of time.

Here's an example: Chenowth, bless their little hearts, sent me some extra parts that I didn't plan on receiving.

Problem is, they were the wrong parts. Neither Chenowth or the dealer I bought it from (Bugformance) gave me a manifest of what parts I'd received, so I didn't know what I was supposed to get or where what I got goes. I've worked on bugs a lot in the past, so most parts I recognize. Like torsion plate covers -- they're pretty unique looking and hard to confuse with any other part. When I tried to test fit the Chenowth torsion plate covers to the chassis, I noticed that I could only get one bolt thru any given point. Stacking the Chenowth torsion plate cover on top of a spare I'd salvaged, well, take a look at the pictures:

torsion mismatch torsion mismatch

I spent a couple three hours trying to figure out if I was supposed to make an adaptor plate, if I was missing a part or if I was just incompetent. It turns out that the chassis I ordered uses stock VW torsion plates and that the plates I received go on an entirely different vehicle.

Sigh. Oh well.

Here's a shot of the jet engine tied into place roughly where it will be installed.

jet engine tied into place

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