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The Artcar: 2002/08/26
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Lots of words to stuff in here about the week and a half of sheer insanity I went thru getting the car ready for Burning Man. I'll go into more detail later, but the short of it is, anything that could go wrong, did. Hours, if not days, were wasted driving around finding parts, going to pick up parts that didn't exist, discovering that store A didn't know the first thing about the part they'd ordered me and that if I'd gone to store B they'd have sold me everything I needed in one visit. You get the idea.

We also left a day late (Wednesday instead of Tuesday) so I could finish the wiring here instead of on the playa.

Here are some last-minute, pre-burning-man photos...

No clutch, throttle is on the fuel line, but I still have to have a brake pedal.
"I wonder if I actually have any idea what I'm doing."
late night in the garage
Finally, we hit the road:

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